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Trauma Release

Obstructions in the physical body are addressed using a gentle, effective chiropractic treatment along with a manual therapy called Matrix Repatterning.  This approach helps with removing cellular trauma and systemic tension patterns within the body that obscure us from ultimate health and wellness.

Mental & Emotional

Memory Recall

Some of our largest challenges to health and wellness come from beliefs about ourselves we have created over time. Many of these beliefs stem from past memories and emotions which we don't hold in everyday consciousness. Memory Recall aids in recovering and releasing many of these events.


              Transpersonal Coaching

Recognizing that we are greater than our bodies and beliefs is not only the most important part of our healing process but also of living our lives.  We support this fact and honor it for being a true source of health and healing, offering aid to further you on your path in metaphysical awareness.

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Darsej Rae, DC, CMRP

Darsej is knowledgeable with over 20 years of experience in Complementary, Alternative and Energy Medicine. He and his wife, Aylee, had spent over a decade traveling outside the US, immersing themselves in various culture's traditional healing methods. Their search for spiritual truths guided all of their travels as well as Darsej's intent to heal himself from chronic physical and emotional pain. After years of discovering pathways to truly heal and transform, Darsej now brings forth a gentle, effective, transformational and supportive health care solution. He holds a degree as a chiropractic physician and is currently Idaho's only certified practitioner in a Trauma Release & Neurological Rehabilitation approach called Matrix Repatterning.

Aylee Rae, RMP

Aylee is knowledgeable with over 20 years of experience in Alternative, Spiritual and Energy Medicine. She and her husband, Darsej, had spent over a decade traveling outside the US getting to know her-self through a variety of experiences with different cultures and types of people. She found one common link between all of us, and that is Love - Higher Order - which is guiding us through our lives no matter where we are or in what situation we find ourselves in. With this common link we are able to help each other to find our path to freedom that we all deeply seek since our day ONE. Aylee has been a Reiki Master Practitioner since 2004 and utilizes her approach with energy medicine in her Transpersonal Coaching.


Honor Fee System

Wellness Chiropractic has a unique and innovative fee system for the payment of services. If you are an eligible client you will then determine your own fee for care based upon your financial situation.  We expect that you will give the most your budget allows, not more not less.  There is no upper or lower limit to the amount.  This is a valuable, Life-giving service - it is priceless. We cannot measure its worth so we establish our fees not on its worth but on your ability to pay.  If your financial situation changes for the better or worse, we would expect you to adjust your fee accordingly.  

The fee system is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities on your part to follow the rules of the system.  Each rule is equally important and is required to participate in this fee system.  The rules are:

1. Be regular with appointments.  Be with us on a consistent basis until the recommended course of care commences.  *exceptions will be made for job and personal situations/emergencies that do not allow you to make it regularly.

2. Keep scheduled appointments.  Minimum of a 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of all appointments. 

3. Payment is due each appointment, week, or once a month. All patients are expected to pay a fee. Fee can be paid via cash, check, Venmo, PayPal or Revolut -  credit cards can be accepted if need be. Let us know how you choose to pay. 

4. Tell others about our care and refer them to us. You are your brother's keeper.  What you know, others need to hear. Additionally, this system is a cooperative system that depends upon a sufficient volume of people to succeed.  Thus by telling and referring others to this care, you not only help them to express Life more fully, but you ensure the continuation of the system for yourself.

We are not capable of making this system work without you.  Ultimately we are dependent upon God to supply all of our needs, but you being the part of God that you are, keep us able to offer this system to those who need it.

Please find and utilize links and information below for transfer of fees:

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